All different, all equal

social inclusion in the City of Žilina

Student support

Increasing the availability of regular tutoring will enable 30 children from the marginalized Roma community attending the 1st year of elementary school. 

Preschool training

Children from the marginalized Roma community rarely attend preschools. Zhe interest of the city of Žilina is to increase this number of children and help them develop personally. 

Creation of a stimulating environment

The aim of the activity is to contribute to the meaningful use of free time of children and young people from Bratislavská street location  ulice. 

Current information about project activities

The city of the Žilina organized a conference on the “All different, all equal” projekt

On June 26, 2023, an introductory conference was held for the project "All different, all equal
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Selection procedure for the position of field worker for the project “Everyone different, everyone equal” Municipal Office in Žilina

active search and contacting of persons and families with social problems within the locality of operation
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