Creating a stimulating environment with plenty of leisure activities for children and young people in the area of Bratislavská Street

The aim of the activity is to contribute to the meaningful spending of free time of children and young people from the locality of Bratislavská Street, to the expansion of the range of activities and skills usable in later life, to follow the positive models. Activities develop them not only in creative activities or sports, but also allow them to develop personally in a safe environment


The methodology and training techniques used during the activity will be adapted to the age and interests of the target group – the use of elements of non-formal education, experiential pedagogy and practical exercises. The activity will be implemented on two levels. The first will be the provision of leisure club activities, which will take place in the Community Center 4 times a week in the afternoon: club sports for health, art club, music and dance group, club of smart hands (housework, handcrafting, technical works). The club activities will be provided by 4 lecturers from MRC in cooperation with field social workers. At the second level, we will focus on low-threshold activities that will not be organized in advance. 


Children and young people will be able to come during the opening hours of the community center and, according to the agreement with the coordinator of the center, play  games from the offer (board games, table tennis, table football), borrow a book, work on PC and internet. The outdoor areas of the center will allow clients to borrow sports equipment – e.g. badminton, soccer balls and goals, or excercise on the workout field. An introductory training focused on the methods of implementation of the activities and a final workshop designed to evaluate the course of activities and propose changes and improvements for their work in the future is planned for lecturers.       



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