Realization of the superstructure of the existing building of the Community Center on Bratislavská Street

Expansion of the capacities of the existing Community Center, which is situated directly in the locality of Bratislavská Street between apartment buildings. The city built a community center in 2011 and financed it from its own resources and from the resources of the subsidy scheme of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic. The center is made up of residential containers and provides social counseling on its premises, assistance in exercising rights and legally protected interests, assistance in preparing for school attendance and school teaching and accompanying the child to and from the school facility. Preventive activity is performed here, hobby activities are provided. Furthermore, activities within the counseling and services of field social work and community work take place in the Community Center. The aim is to expand the existing social services that will be provided here.                                                                                                                                                                                            

The target group is the inhabitants of Bratislavská Street, about 450 inhabitants of the adult population and about 150 children and young people. There are 9 apartment buildings, 12 residential containers, which are used for temporary housing and 8 housing units created from residential containers.    


The superstructure of the Community Center has already prepared project documentation and a valid building permit. The proposed premises will complement the premises on the ground floor, which are in operation. On the first floor of the building there will be social spaces for the realization of hobby activities. The height of the proposed spaces is 2.54 m. From the original set of containers of the ground floor, one will be removed and replaced by a new staircase container with a built-in staircase. Removed container will be temporarily placed on the investor’s land at a distance of about 50m.  After the modification – sealing of the internal openings, it will be taken by the investor to another locality designated by the investor. Interior spaces on the ground floor, the space of the existing toilet will be adapted for the immobile according to the project. From the urban point of view, there is no significant change in functional areas or communication relations in the immediate vicinity of the land. The connection of the Community Center to the public road is via the existing roads and sidewalks in front of the building. Near the building there are existing trees that need to be preserved. The existing building is connected to public water, sewerage and electricity. The interior heating will be electric by means of electric convectors located under the window constructions.

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