Equipment rental at the Community Center on Bratislavská Street

The intention of providing social services – work equipment rental for residents of Bratislavská Street in Žilina is to directly involve tenants in the care of their own housing, taking responsibility for the quality and dignity of their own housing and their surroundings. Tenants do not own basic work tools with which they could provide routine maintenance of rental apartments and thus improve their own housing. The added value of this activity is the connection of the Roma and non-Roma community in various volunteer activities such as Our City, but also other regular meetings used to clean and beautify indoor and outdoor spaces. This equipment rental exists and is used for residents on Bratislavská Street, but over time, tools naturally wear out and become inoperable, and therefore it is necessary to repair them or to purchase new tools.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Through tool rental, we involved tenants in the care of their own housing. The tool rental process itself is free of charge – it is conditional on a valid lease agreement and the presentation of a valid ID card for inspection. This method of lending work tools allows Roma to solve various problems associated with their own housing and the space around it on their own, or on the basis of community principles. The stated need for a rental shop comes from the Roma themselves – tenants who are manually skilled and are able to do a lot of housework themselves under certain conditions – by operating tool rental service. Many of the tools will also be used to clean the common areas by its inhabitants. The tool rental will be located in the Community Center, the tools will be rented free of charge on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00 (opening hours of the Community Center). 

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