Preschool training in a community center

There are 21 kindergartens and 5 kindergartens at primary schools  in the city of Žilina. The total number of children attending preschool facilities is 2015. Children from MRC rarely attend preschool facilities. The interest of the city is to increase this number of children and thus help them to develop personally even at an early age and prepare for school duties. Pro-inclusive changes in mainstream education are needed, including quality pre-primary education and an accessible full-time education system and individual support through tutoring and mentoring. It is also necessary to prevent the unjustified placement of Roma children in special schools due to their social disadvantage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The purpose of the project is to train 20 mothers from MRC about the importance of preschool education of their children. It is a series of discussion trainings with various experts (psychologist, pre-school teacher, nurse, social worker and expert in family education and ethics). The meetings will take place in the Community Center on Bratislavská Street, twice a week for two hours. Individual meetings will be held by two experts in parallel. Lecturers will lead discussion meetings focused on various topics and situations that mothers commonly encounter in the education and preparation of children for school. The topic will be analyzed from various aspects: from the point of view of theory, the expert, the mothers themselves etc. The lectures will also include information on the history and cultural aspects of the Roma community. When a child enters kindergarten, experts will provide assistance to mothers with the necessary administration and will consult any problems with representatives of kindergartens.                                                                                                                                              


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